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Rely on industrial robot technology to liberate artificial labor

In recent years, China has become the world's largest industrial robot demand and application market, and China's industrial robots usher in rapid development. Logistics, manufacturing, warehousing... With the advantages of multi scene application, the handling robot is becoming the backbone of industrial robot industry development with high utilization rate. Autonomous mobile robot is the main part of the mobile robot, while forklift AGV has distinct characteristics in the mobile robot.

Forklift AGV is one of the autonomous mobile robots in the family of carrying robots. Compared with the autonomous mobile robots such as the unmanned vehicle and AGV, it is more flexible, convenient and intelligent. It combines the double advantages of AGV and forklift, and makes the intelligent label for traditional forklift.

Jiangsu new guochuang AGV products

Relying on industrial robot technology

Emancipation of artificial labor

Save labor cost for enterprises

Improve the level of factory automation

AGV forklift compatible with industry 4.0

As one of the industrial robots, AGV forklift fully conforms to the design principle of industry 4.0. They are equipped with AGVs scheduling system with high compatibility, which can be seamlessly connected with WMS, MES, ERP, RFID and other systems, so as to realize interconnection in any factory environment.

AGVs transmits the data sent by the upper system to the AGV forklift, and the AGV forklift carries out the handling task after receiving the instruction. They can provide technical support for human operators by "performing a series of tasks and ways that are unpleasant, too tired or unsafe for human operators at the same time". Although AGV forklifts are often used more as tools for operators than as self-motivated equipment, they can still facilitate decentralized decision-making.

AGV forklift helps enterprises speed up automation

AGV forklift truck is based on the organic combination of automatic transportation robot, scheduling software, resource management software, etc. it has the ability of continuous learning and performance optimization. It makes the system more flexible by using small modules. In practical application, it has the advantages of high flexibility, strong adaptability, grounding, localization and strong independent decision-making ability. At present, it is widely used in various industries to transform old factories that may not be able to build interchange key industry 4.0 facilities. In this situation, AGV forklift can promote the automation of enterprises.

AGV forklift enables the factory to retain ownership and knowledge of production processes within the factory

Industry 4.0 involves the ownership and management knowledge of the production process, and its automation system is usually designed, monitored and managed by an external consulting company. Today, however, when companies choose production bases, the availability of manufacturing process knowledge and the proximity of markets are replacing low costs as the main criteria.

Because AGV forklift system docking, route debugging and control are completed in the factory through localization, companies that choose AGV forklift solutions can retain the ownership of complete automated production processes and valuable knowledge needed to manage AGV forklifts. This will bring users greater operational flexibility and mobility, and have greater competitiveness in the market.

New guochuang AGV forklift intelligent logistics system

Smart factory is the goal of the factory transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises, and also the production technology that enterprises must have in the future. AGV forklift, a mobile handling robot, moves the goods to a designated location from a simple way, and the technology develops into big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, etc. throughout the product design, making AGV forklift, a mobile handling robot, become a real-time induction, safety identification, multiple A new type of intelligent industrial equipment with multiple functions such as obstacle avoidance, intelligent decision-making and automatic execution. At present, AGV forklift has been used in various fields and become an important tool for logistics transportation.

New guochuang AGV system is mainly composed of AGV forklift, ground navigation and positioning system, charging system, wg581 industrial intelligent gateway wireless communication, on-board PLC and AGV cloud platform. Among them, the industrial intelligent gateway has its own WiFi function, which is installed inside the AGV car body. Wireless connection is established through wireless AP (or 3G / 4G network) in different areas of the workshop, and perfect safety characteristics ensure that the system is free of charge Attacked, it supports wide working temperature, meets a variety of harsh outdoor environment applications, and ensures the correct communication between the dispatching system center and AGV vehicles in the field movement.

AGV forklift is controlled by PLC. The car (industrial robot) is equipped with industrial intelligent gateway, which can communicate with the cloud platform of AGV intelligent logistics monitoring system and execute the instructions of AGV dispatching system. The AGV dispatching system can monitor the operation status of all AGV forklifts in the system according to the position and status signals reported by the AGV forklift, complete the alarm operation in case of any abnormality, collect the transportation demand of each station in the transportation system, and automatically allocate the tasks of the AGV forklift according to the signal status of each transportation station. The PLC can make the AGV forklift read the ground identification through RFID according to the read data, Make corresponding actions (change speed, steering, positioning and parking, etc.) to realize the functions of AGV forklift dispatching system and station positioning.