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Common problems about AGV carrier

Statistics and analysis of China's AGV sales volume: in 2018, China's AGV sales volume has reached 29600 units, a year-on-year increase of 119% compared with 13500 units in 2017. In 2018, China's AGV market scale reached 4.25 billion yuan, and the market growth of AGV robot related products has reached 42.5% compared with 2017.

This kind of explosive growth is mainly due to the outbreak of China's logistics industry. The trend of logistics automation promotes the accelerated growth of AGV robots in China. Of course, the reason why AGV can break out is not only because of the good opportunity for the development of logistics automation, but also because of the high efficiency and flexibility brought by AGV. In addition, AGV robot replaces the manual work, reduces the labor cost, and avoids the hidden danger in the work.

Q1: why is AGV robot growing so fast?

With the progress of computer and other modern high technology, the performance and function of AGV have been improved obviously, such as more advanced computer control system, larger transportation volume, shorter transfer time, higher reliability of car and controller. The improvement of these technologies leads to the increase of AGV usage scenarios and requirements.

Today, AGV robot integrates seamlessly with MES, ERP, WCS, etc. to realize the modern logistics with full flexibility and high automation, which can improve the enterprise management to achieve modularization, intelligence and simplification, and upgrade the factory automation to a new height.

Q2: are the specifications of AGV carriers fixed?

Generally, the specifications of AGV carriers produced by small manufacturers are relatively fixed and the number of specifications is relatively small, but the carriers produced by large and medium-sized AGV carriers can be customized according to the needs of customers, although the price of customized vehicles is high, but the later use is stronger. Therefore, the specification of AGV carrier is not fixed, and it can be modified and customized both in appearance and inside.

Q3: is the bigger the tonnage of AGV carrier better?

This statement is one-sided, but it does make sense. The larger the weight of AGV carrier, the less the possibility of rollover, but it is not that the greater the weight, the better the quality. If the weight is too large to make it out of balance with the power system, it will not only increase the power cost but also affect the life of the power system. Therefore, you should choose the vehicle load according to your needs, not blindly The pursuit of large tonnage.

Q4: are there any restrictions on the truck climbing?

Answer of AGV carrier manufacturer: no matter what kind of high-end AGV carrier has certain restrictions when climbing, for example, it has a large limit on the climbing degree of the vehicle. In principle, it is not allowed to climb steep slopes to prevent danger. Because the volume and weight of the objects carried by AGV carrier are the same as those of other vehicles, if the gradient is large, it will increase the risk, so in principle, it must be operated within the specified gradient of the carrier.

Q5: what should be paid attention to when using AGV?

I. set up the running route in advance

AGV carrier is a kind of intelligent equipment which integrates battery, electromagnetic navigation device and computer control system. It is widely used in all fields of modern society. Due to the different internal use environment conditions of different enterprises, the route conditions that AGV carriers will face after being put into operation will not be completely the same. As an enterprise purchasing AGV carriers, when using this equipment, it must set the operation route of the equipment in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary collision and failure of the carrier due to improper operation route setting 。

II. Ensure that the supporting safety system is normal

Because AGV carrier in the actual use process does not need to be handled by human operation, under the normal condition of computer control system dispatching, AGV carrier can continuously and stably provide logistics handling services for the factory enterprises. Therefore, when using AGV carrier, relevant operators must ensure whether the safety system matched with the equipment has abnormal conditions. Only in this way can the use value of AGV carrier be fully played on the premise of ensuring the safety of people, vehicles and goods.