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The development of intelligent logistics will present these five trends

With the development of the times, intelligent logistics has become an important way for everyone to connect with the world.

In 2018, from intelligent brain, intelligent storage, unmanned sorting to UAV, unmanned vehicle and other emerging things,

From artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data to face recognition, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies,

Intelligent logistics is changing from "new" to "Xing", serving the production delivery of hundreds of millions of packages every day, injecting fresh experience into the life of every ordinary person.

In 2019, these logistics technologies will continue to drive the whole logistics industry to subvert and innovate.


As the key technology equipment of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

Intelligent warehouse will continue to break out

The emerging logistics technology represented by intelligent storage is becoming more and more important, and has become one of the key technology and equipment of Intelligent Manufacturing in China.

When the order "explosive growth" brought about by the big promotion no longer leads to the "explosive effect" of warehousing, the role of intelligent logistics is obvious.

At the same time, the proportion of storage cost per unit GDP in China is 2-3 times higher than that in developed countries. Therefore, to promote the upgrading of logistics equipment, storage is the field with the largest demand and the earliest application of intelligent equipment.


The commercial application of automatic driving technology

End distribution or first scale

Industry insiders pointed out that the advantages of unmanned heavy truck in trunk logistics and transportation, intelligent network construction, and driver labor saving need not be said.

However, due to its huge volume, complex technical requirements and many limitations of laws and regulations, there are still great challenges to achieve commercial use in a short time, and more will be used in closed ports, transport stations, test roads and other scenarios.

Compared with the unmanned heavy truck, it is relatively simple for the unmanned distribution vehicle and takeout robot which focus on serving the last kilometer to move towards practical application.

According to the analysis of the industry, the complexity and versatility of the end link automatic driving technology are not so severe, especially with the support of high-precision map, lidar and 5g technology, the road of commercialization in the logistics field may be smoother in the future.


New products continue to be launched

Emphasis on independent R & D but open sharing has become a trend

In front of the technological revolution, "Mastering the core technology" is a topic that can never be bypassed.

Around the links of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, processing, sorting and distribution, more and more intelligent logistics equipment are independently developed by enterprises, and the compactness with consumers is also higher and higher, such as unmanned warehouse, unmanned vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned transfer station, AGV, etc., constantly pushing forward new ideas.

Not only satisfied with their own applications, more industry leaders also began to open mature technical solutions to the outside world, "enabling" has become an unavoidable topic.

In 2019, for e-commerce logistics giants, the establishment of intelligent logistics ecosystem will continue through the opening and sharing of technologies, scenarios and modes.


Robots are widely used

"Man machine CP" will continue to increase

With more application of robots in intelligent logistics industry, new man-machine relationship is also forming.

"Man machine CP" has become one of the key words that the logistics industry has to mention, especially the front-line storage and distribution staff. Through the auxiliary application of various core technologies, man-machine partner has become a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of storage processing.

The birth of each new technology will bring the human-computer relationship into a new state of balance, so will the era of artificial intelligence.

Let robots work with employees, not only in terms of physical and mental strength, but also to help humans solve problems in a new way.

In 2019, the new "man-machine CP" will continue to increase, focusing more on core technology and matching of employees, and major e-commerce logistics enterprises will still focus on it.


Intelligent logistics becomes infrastructure

Closer relationship with smart city

Express packages are sent and received, logistics vehicles flow constantly, and storage system operates day and night. Intelligent logistics not only connects production and circulation, but also serves end consumers, and gradually becomes the core infrastructure of the city.

In addition to the continuous birth of new technologies in various logistics links, new intelligent logistics facilities based on new technologies and new products are also gradually forming.

More and more governments put the intelligent logistics system into urban infrastructure construction at the macro level.

In more infrastructure, unmanned transfer stations connecting UAV and UAV, intelligent distribution stations composed of distribution robots, intelligent street lamps cooperating with UAV for vehicle road coordination, etc. are emerging one by one, all of which are becoming new urban infrastructure.

With the transformation of intelligent logistics from imagination to reality, and then to become the most basic link of society, city and life, consumers are also gradually accustomed to various new scientific and technological ways, embracing the new changes of logistics and express industry.

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